experiment: alternative recordkeeping

okay, amazon let’s talk. i really am impressed at how genuinely interested you are in “recommending” various media to me, really. and usually you’re pretty right on, i’ll give you that. and i guess i’m “appreciative” of your desire to keep me on top of my musical and literary games. but holy cow, i’m starting to feel like maybe i’ve let you in on too much.

i mean, you know things i’ve never told anyone. for instance, you’re one of the few who know about blue crush, and i think the only who knows about ladies in lavender (so good to have that monkey off my back). and your knowledge of me is starting to creep me out. you know more about me than i do.

take for instance, the buzzcloud feature i just discovered today while ordering for book club

it’s 60% creepy and 40% cool that this exists, documenting my purchases from amazon in the past, i don’t know, 5 years? "Creepy" because this non-person, gigantic fortune 500 company has (very valuable actually) personal information that rivals that of friends and family.“Cool” because i now have a sort of visual record of much of what i was interested in during college. it’s much easier than actually documenting all of my tastes by hand. instead i’ve just printed this out and will glue it in my journal. lazy. also, now when people ask me what i'm into musically (which by the way makes me really nervous for whatever reason), i can now just hand them this print out rather than rambling off album titles or mumbling, "i dont know , everything."

would you date someone based on their buzzcloud? i think, sadly, there would’ve been a point when i would have. and what do you think of me now that you know i enjoyed both a terribly penned surfing movie AND a movie for the bluehairs (what, the music was amazing). am i even more confusing to you? am i, jared cardon? am i? i live to bring complexity to your life. complexity and HOTNESS!!!!

what i’ve learned:
i think i need some better experiments. i know you’re all feeling anticipatory about that. i will probably not let you down.
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