Experiment: Scouting

Guess who's the new Cub Scout Den Leader!

It's like someone just knew how khaki-crazed I am. A premonition.

I need some help though. The Wolves just won't really listen to me. 8 year-old boys! Delightfully strange creatures! How do I get them to be obedient?

I feel mislead.


becca said...

awesome! maybe treats would work as incentives? not sure though. i don't have much experience.

emily and logan said...

haha! i didn't know girls could be in scouts! at least you're not dealing with 8 year-old girls...that's my calling.

Alex and Katie said...

You're a dream in khaki...or at least I think that was my nickname in Edinburgh.

candy in response to the last question.

Kendra said...

Don't worry, I have Troop Beverly Hills on DVD. Maybe they will be inspired by all of the cute wilderness girls if you watch it with them.

And this week may finally be the magic week for us to play. Be excited. Tuesday? Thursday?

Yancy said...


I was recently called to be the Scout Master in our ward. (Should probably blog about it -- I've been a horrible blogger of late.
Anyways, Boy Scouts and Cub Scouts are like two entirely different animals, but I'll see what thoughts I can put together and send them to you via email as that might be a better medium for the long list I end up putting together. :)

Good Luck!

Caleb said...

I helped in Cub Scouts for awhile doing the weekly meetings.

I think preparation is key.....you need interesting activities to do for your weekly hour or so with the boys. Over time, you can help them learn that by cooperating with you they'll have a far more interesting hour than if they just goof off.

Its hard to cause huge changes in boys when you are only with them for an hour a week. So you'll need patience. Remember also that you are mainly there to help supplement each family's efforts to raise the boys, so try to get to know the boys' parents well and give feedback on the boys and their activities and then the parents will be more likely to help you out in encouraging the boys to be better.

Dan Rogers said...

I am a professional Scout, have enjoyed the program for a long time. Anyhow, if your still active as the Den Leader, the best advice I can give you is keep them busy with fun stuff. Here is a great resource to help plan your meetings... http://www.scouting.org/scoutsource/CubScouts/Leaders/DenLeaderResources/DenandPackMeetingResourceGuide/WolfDenPlans.aspx

Also, engage other parents to help from time to time. God Speed in your efforts.

joshua dumont said...

I suggest activities with movement, like running, between the stationary activities. My Tigers run, play red light green light, and duck duck goose between the events.

1. Be prepared with a lesson plan
2. Keep the kids active
3. Be assertive, pleasantly.