Experiment: 30 Day Purge

No sweat.

I got rid of so much stuff in the last 30 days.
  • Motorola pager
  • Dora the Explorer pillowcase set (unopened)
  • Pretty Together by Sloan (CD)
  • photos of Tory L.
  • a knockoff Chanel bag
  • A bunch of ticketmaster stubs I'd been keeping for TEN YEARS including Live, Remy Zero, Travis, JOHN COUGAR MELLENCAMP
  • like 2 years worth of Wired and J.Crew catalogs
  • a few dozen wedding announcements I've been holding onto for some reason, including hers - they were sitting in a giant bird's nest. Incredible. I guess I feel bad about throwing away photographs.
  • Motorola bluetooth earclip. Used once.
  • 9 pairs of soccer socks (kept 3)
  • Doc Martins sandals circa 1999 (not the exact model, but close)
  • 2 pairs of jeans (one dating from 1999)
  • over 800 notes from grade school and middle school (kept about 50 truly hilarious ones)
  • Death to Smoochy on DVD
  • my New York City Public Library card (whimper)
  • a half-finished scarf that's the color of vomit
  • my Paulo & Bill workshirts
  • a really gross bag of old make-up, including the sparkly blue eyeshadow from my SENIOR PROM.
  • a pendant necklace of kittens suckling a unicorn
  • Oyster card
  • the christmas tree
  • the off-white fabric I've been carting around for too long and not doing anything with
  • bubble wrap from every piece of bulk mail I've been sent in the last two years
  • Hannah's Hang-out Guide
  • my fake engagement ring. I blame Micci.
  • my grad school acceptance letters
  • my short story rejection letters
  • a rose temporary tattoo
  • my very first Western Digital hard drive (it was enormous and only held 80GB. my first portfolio was on here!)
  • lots and lots of mucus (Bronchitis)

To celebrate, I'm going to buy a Wii.


Mic and Jazzy said...

Rejoice! I made your blog. Happy day. You know you rocked that fake engagement ring.

I'm surprised you got rid of two pairs of jeans. I'm sure you only have like 2382839293 pairs left.

Kerianne said...

i wondered when we would hear the end of that...
Let me know how the Wii goes. Invite me over to play it.

dn said...

I saw Remy Zero open for Travis. And I still have the ticket stub.

Adrienne said...

at liberty hall? in 2001? Casey and I were AT THAT.

dn said...

No, in Minneapolis. Must have been the same tour.

Corinne said...

Fingers crossed that you saved the note from me where I drew you as a hot dog. Eighth grade?