I have a terrible secret

I don't like babies. They're like a Hot N Ready pizza. I could take it. But I could just as easily leave it. I know, I know. I'm inhuman, callous, unfeeling. But newborns and I have just not hit it off in the past.

Other newborns I genuinely find cute from a distance, but I d on't have that strong desire to hold them and hear them coo, nor to be their primary caretaker. I'm sure your newborn is the exception - awesome and brilliant and I would love them if I could get to know them. My own children have displayed that typical larval grind in their first 3 months of life, and have also been terrible sleepers as newborns, not figuring out day and night until after 6 months and not sleeping through the night till well after their first birthdays. My three-year old still does not sleep through the night more than 2 nights a week. Newborns for me are just 1) difficult 2) uninteresting. I tend to enjoy them more when they have a way of communicating. I tolerate a newborn. I start liking them at 6 months. They become enjoyable humans at about month 9.

BUT. This baby.

This baby must be why people love newborns. She is great. She is easy, sleeps amazingly well, is awake during the day, puts herself to sleep at night, doesn't cry or fuss for more than 60 seconds. Is cute and cuddly and I SWEAR against all medical and pediatric literature smiles at me in recognition at 4 weeks old. She is just the best. I'm actually enjoying having a newborn which is quite the shock. Yes, I'm still tethered to the house for the most part, and waking up to feed her every 2-3 hours at night (to binge watch This is Us, Comedy Bang Bang, and Kroll show), but I'll take it given the fact she's so low-maintence.

Her brothers adore her, and she has endured all sorts of slobbery food kisses and head-bonks and creative renditions of Twinkle Star and Baby Mine.

Her brothers meeting her at the hospital.

 The woman she was named for (middle name).

Visitors at hospital.

Having tummy time together.

Always trying to cuddle with their sister.

She is  ONE MONTH old now (that was lightning fast) and I can't imagine life without her. She is a wonderful addition to our family and the sweetest thing in the world. I quickly gave her the nickname Eclair, then in explaining to the boys what an eclair is also referred to her as a donut, which is fitting given she is tiny and sweet and I want to eat her.

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