Experiment: Planning Your Own Wedding

I am so excited for my harajuku wedding!

I will wear this L.A.M.B original, and be accompanied by my bridesmaids:
Love (Corinne), Angel (Adrienne), Music (Casey), Baby (Lindsey/Kendra).

This [cake] is banana! B-A-N-A-N-A!

This [sake] is non-alcoholic. N-O-N-A-L-C-H-Y!

What I have learned:

If the price-gouging and ugly dresses and vendor pressure and fighting over your guestlist and overall absurdities of wedding planning are too much for you, consider a Harajuku wedding, like me! It's made me so much happier and relieved so much stress!

I just hired a Japanese exchange student, Akiko, who has been an angel (not Angel, as we've established that is Adrienne C). She's taken care of all the details in the most organized and stereotypical of fashions. And all within a matter of days. Her secret? She wisely told vendors it was for a "themed party," not for a wedding. What a smart girl!

And she's even hired a band who can do an awesome rendition of this song (which is, let's be honest, killer. Girl. Crush).

Wedding planning. You know? Can I get an amen?
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