A Serious Man

I can't find anything wrong with it.

It's been a particularly good decade for the Coens (if you forget and forgive Burn After Reading). Everyone is slapping the "mature" label on this latest effort, which though deserved, is like saying No Country For Old Men is a "western," and stopping there. Yes, but?

A Serious Man is also really funny. It's like you're watching emotional slapstick. And this thing I adore about the Coens - they cast these Norman Rockwell type faces who you instantly fall for.

As for maturity, it raises some interesting (sincere) questions about faith and doubt, and respects its audience enough not to hit it over the head with obvious answers or nonanswers.

If the litmus test of a great film is repeatability, then this one wins out - it's the only Awards-season contender I'd actually like to see again.

Honorable Mentions
Star Trek
Where the Wild Things Are

Not really worth mentioning
Every other movie of 2009? and I saw a mass of them. Hopefully next year will be less boring.

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The IT Crowd

Love is the word. Unsettling is another word. Purkinje is another word; it doesn't have anything to do with this post, but nevertheless, it is a word, and quite a weird one at that.

I describe this show to people as the next British anti-sitcom.
Jared describes it as "Live-action Simpsons."

Whatever we're calling this spade, I think it's the best thing on since the BBC Office. I watched all 3 seasons in a couple weeks. Be warned: you might want to turn it off at first. Subtle it is not. It's almost jarringly over the top. The first few episodes are a bit clunky. I recommend skipping episode 1 altogether and starting at 2. I also recommend forming a crush on that tall drink of water on the left.

Honorable Mention

I gave this a much-deserved second chance this year, and sailed through seasons 1-5 in no time. (Thank goodness for Netflix Instant Play.) Chances are, if you're reading this you don't need the sell. You know it's an incredible mind boggle. Time travel! Smoke monster! Shirtless Sawyer!

Not really worth mentioning
Mad Men

I gave this a less-than-deserved second chance this year and watched all of Season 1. I thought having worked as a Mad Woman (can I call myself that) at Ogilvy I would find it interesting. Nope. It's full of pretty, boring things. Including the characters. And a handicapped story that never really learns to walk.

So, what'd I miss?
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anthropologie ripped me off!

remember that one experiment of mine? (You know, the one I haven't touched for a year). That's not the point.

The point IS, that fancy-scrappy francophile sister of urban outfitters ripped me off.


shock and horror.

you know, i too fell in love with anthropologie in 2002, like the whole rest of the female world. but for the past 3 or 4 years every time i enter those gilded doors, i have a look at the clothes and more often than not think, i could make that.

and Re: your "about that time" earrings, i did make that.

i would demand in-kind compensation, but honestly, i'd rather get wardrobed from jcrew. i'm starting to think anthropologie is past its prime.
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