anthropologie ripped me off!

remember that one experiment of mine? (You know, the one I haven't touched for a year). That's not the point.

The point IS, that fancy-scrappy francophile sister of urban outfitters ripped me off.


shock and horror.

you know, i too fell in love with anthropologie in 2002, like the whole rest of the female world. but for the past 3 or 4 years every time i enter those gilded doors, i have a look at the clothes and more often than not think, i could make that.

and Re: your "about that time" earrings, i did make that.

i would demand in-kind compensation, but honestly, i'd rather get wardrobed from jcrew. i'm starting to think anthropologie is past its prime.


becca said...

hey. i like your new design. i haven't been to your actual page in a while.

also, stupid anthro. my favorite earrings.

Kerianne said...

My friends sent in their headbands to anthro and urban. Eventually Nordstroms picked them up. The sampels came back months later missing pieces. Shortly there after an identical line was released in Urban. IDENTICAL. Then, Antrhopology was not far behind. Hence the headband craze including flowers, feathers, and beads. Stealer Stealers is right. My friend was so mad she wanted to sue, but it would never have worked for her good.

EKD said...

I love that experiment. I check it often, but you never had new pieces :( Make some more. I love the flower earrings. Make one on a necklace :)

Alex and Katie said...


Anthro charges $150 a skirt. Trust me, they've been ripping people off/ financially raping them for some time. They're users, what can I tell you?

By the way, how is married life?

Kathryn the Great said...

I would love to pay your price for cuteness/hotness/trendiness before going to Anthropolgie. I feel like places with that vibe are trying to hard. You have to have the vibe without screaming the vibe. I'm feeling the same thing about Guru's. It walks the line between niche and mainstream like a drunk. Not cool. Not cool.