experiment: jewelry design

"The Indo-European root of the word 'art' is 'to arrange' or 'fit together, join.' In this light, art can be pared down to its most simplistic form. We begin by collecting, then playing with the materials or objects, organizing them in a variety of ways, making new combinations, trying things, then observing the arrangements we have made." -Ker Smith

Most jewelry doesn't really enthuse me. So I thought I'd try my hand at making some that does. After all, if all art is is collecting and arranging and rearranging the arrangements, who says I can't clew my talents, throw the output at the wall and see what sticks. This wall turns out, is the interweb.

Here it is in stage one of production, the conceptually driven


See the entire collection here. Just in time for Christmas, might make some cool gifts for the females in your life, or for yourself? Just sayin.

what i have learned:

1- Collaboration is key. And it's really convenient to have talented and beautiful friends. Thanks to Christina, Becca, Hunter, Jared for their conceptual feedback, Emily for some stellar modeling, and Lucy and Megan for their time and talents and lovely images.

All studio shots by Lucy Call (801.647.0758) , all museum shots by Megan Stay. Both are highly recommended.

2- Getting started is pricey.

3 - I am really quite fascinated by bugs and entomology displays. And the Linnaean system, which is why each piece (or "specimen") comes with its own unique Linnaean classification identification, so you can know the genus and species of the item you wear.

4 - I have creative ADD. I wanted to abandon this project like 387 times and start up a variety of other projects and hobbies including being a glass blower's apprentice (for real). Where is my creative ritalin already?

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