Experiment: Make a Web App

The Food Nanny is in beta! Go test it out.

In particular, check out the Nanny App - it's an online meal-planning tool with tons of recipes, the ability to add your own, the ability to customize how many people you're cooking for, and at the end it CALCULATES ALL THE FRACTIONS FOR YOU. (I cook for 2 usually, not 6, and I hate having to figure out what 3/4 of 1.5 cups is. MATH.)

And yeah, The Food Nanny is one of my babies - from branding and design strategy to app architecture and production. I usually don't talk much about work, but I'm particularly happy about this 9-month project and I think it's one I will use time and again.

Look how far I've come.

(Don't try to win. You won't ever win. The hit states for the pinata are a bit wacky.)
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