Experiment: Growing out a Pixie

Hard things:

Eggs, boiled.
Times, by Dickens.
Growing out a pixie cut.

This is really old news, therefore not really news at all, but about a year and a half ago, I cut off 22 inches of hair. I documented the process with this very high resolution camera I found on my imac.

I've liked my Jean Seberg hair, but now that I know I have the bones to pull it off, I wanted to try other things.  Since I've been growing it out, my wish has been granted! I've had the opportunity to try SO many new things - like -

The Dwight

The Emilio, circa Breakfast Club

The Muppet

The Beatle

The Beatle Muppet

The Emilio, Circa D2

What a roll I'm on and it's only been 6 months! What hairstyle would you like to see me try next?

Weird Al?
Delta Burke?

Just let me know and YOUR wish will be granted!
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