this was supposed to have been spanish. i think spanish is probably the sexiest language ever. (spanish: smells like burberry london, tastes like that caramel looking cheese from better cheddar, sounds like tom zé , looks like what would happen if the cast of enemy at the gates mated with sweden). but well well, who's got the TIME to LEARN that. i opted for the less time-intensive: good ol american sign language. (go usa!!!**!)

every tuesday kimmy and i head down to 14th street for a free course taught by the missionaries. i'm picking it up rather quickly i'll have you know, but to its credit, most of ASL is pretty intuitive. in addition to spelling your name out using the ASL alphabet, signers also have a shorter way of signing their name—one that has to be given to you by a deaf person. cedric, who is deaf, bestowed my sign name upon me. it’s supposed to represent the color green and also the trait of athlete/soccer player, but when combined my sign sort of looks like i'm flipping someone off. f you, speaking public of new york!

i'm six weeks in.

these are some things i can sign:

i'm tired and hungry

and some i cannot:


carrot cake

and some i need to learn how to sign:

please sir, do not grope me on the subway.

finally, on a spiritual note. . . .
last week cedric bore his testimony in sign. it's amazing how things like spirituality transcend language barriers. we also learned how to pray in sign language a few weeks ago. it’s fascinating to watch this outpouring of devotion all through hands and facial expression.

what I have learned:

in addition to learning enough sign language for basic speechless communcation, i've also been instructed in some ASL slang. everyone seems to know the typical hand guesture for saying "i love you." the sign to the left is a variation on that, only this means "i really really love you." cedric advised us to use this only when you really love something or someone. so use this sign you guys, but use it sparingly!


Becca said...

cool. i know the alphabet, but that's about it.

casey elizabeth said...

how cool is that? i would love to see someone pray in sign. it was so nice to talk to you today. i miss you and love you (really really love you)!