experiment: graduate school

are you ever sitting somewhere, in some present or ongoing situation and thinking, "mis-take." or "esoteric bullshit." (pardon my language, but c'mon, if you don't use at least four four-letter words every hundred or so, what sort of creative writer upholding the face of academia ARE you!?) if you've felt these feelings, then you, friend, will know of my troubles. well, troubles no more.

using disgusting amounts of agency, i withdrew from the MFA.

yep, that's right. didn't even make it a semester. and it's too late to apologize. too late. rather, ladles and gentleminds, i offer you this promise.

"Shine on you crazy diamond!" you yelled.

I've heard your call. and i've heeded. Indeed, i've heeded. and I will shine on, i swear it. I shall sally forth into other recreations! creative entrepreneurialism, netflix binge, debilitating bouts of self-doubt and second guessing, pie challenge, - - - here i come!

i really hate to solicit praise, but i think some congratulations are in order here.

what i have learned:
I - capital C creative capital W writing is not necessary for creative writing. (i'm really counting on this hypothesis to pull through for me). though the structure is nice.

II - grad school is neither the answer nor the question.

III - but it's not that hard.

IV - a raven is really nothing like a writing desk.

V - having a university dress code was actually kind of nice.


Uptown Girl said...

Wow. I barely found out that you were IN grad school and now you're out. Good for you. Let's do lunch.

lindsey said...

ok, this is unacceptable information to find out on your blog. it's time to call me back.

Liz Canaan Roberts said...

shame. and you made one hot grad student. (i thought you'd been married and were really a Quitterson for a second. so clever.)

Nicolas Frisby said...

I immediately wondered if you had shotgun'd it.

(Palin) Your too hip for straight-talk sideways-talk has me at a loss. Now – dog gone it – why did you decide to leave?

Couldn't take the crayons after working with pens for a couple years?

casey elizabeth said...

agreed. let's talk sometime? can i write you a letter? can i get an address?

Karene said...


Well actually, I never thought you needed grad school. You are the best writer I have ever met already.

So what's the plan now?

Mic and Jazzy said...

School Scmhool.

We would really like to see your hot bod sometime. So...what do I have to pay you to hang out with us?

Your options are: homemade cookies, homemade zucchini bread, or monopoly money.

dn said...

Thank goodness I can lord my masters degree over you for ever and ever.