experiment: ebay

after i bought $2000 bucks worth of jcrew wares for $200 at that discount sale / college reunion, i decided to unleash my entreprenurial spirit on the internet world. lord knows my boyfriend and i only need so much cashmere in our wardrobe before we turn into this.

so i did what like-minded americans have been doing for over a decade: decided to try this thing called ebay. i've never bought or sold anything off ebay before, but the interface was pretty intuitive and within an hour i had created a profile and listed the following four items - brand new italian cashmeres and lambswools - in total retailing about $400.

and to my delight, it worked! people wanted all but this yellow, Mondrian-esque one. C'mon! that's hands down the coolest! I was sad to see it go up online to begin with, but Jared is built more european than american and wasn't pleased with the fit. Does anyone want to buy this off me for a very reasonable rate? It's a men's medium and could make a great holiday gift, or half of a Bert and Ernie costume.

what i have learned:

- start the bidding low.
no one will initially bid on a 82 dollar cashmere sweater. start it at $48 and let it work its way up to $82.

- get a hot model.
most everything (at least in the men's section) was just laid out on carpeting in poor lighting. it's better to see how it looks on.

- offer free shipping. (up the price to compensate).
that holy orange dot just might seal the deal.

- who doesn't love a good sweater vest?


dn said...

Me. I do not love a good sweater vest.