how could i forget? getting married to Jared. He's the best!*

Did you know his webseries got some love from the New York Times?
And New TeeVee? And he was totally a cover-boy?

Here is a teaser trailer for Season 2, but you can go see all of The Book of Jer3miah at the LDS Film Festival this week.

I am lucky he married me. Stay tuned for many good things from Team Cardon.

*said like Toad in MK.


EKD said...

How cool is your husband?! I'm jealous. I turned to Pete and said, "So Adrienne's husband is, like, famous. I want you to be famous."

Sarah said...

not related to the post, but I saw this this morning and it looked a bit like a young Adrienne. And how appropriate that she has written a Beatles tribute song:

Yancy said...

Just wanted to say that when I saw that season 1 of The Book of Jer3miah was playing at the Scera theater last week, I was really bummed to not be living in Utah.