Experiment: 30 Day Purge

Day 4


Most women in their twenties who keep photos of 17-year old boys are called Harry Potter fans.

I am called. A total creep.

I swiped these out of the yearbook room my senior year of high school. Don't let the androgynous name fool you. As you can see, Tory was all man. Or more likely, I suppose accurately, all teenage boy. And I crushed upon him for a few hot months. The full-bred Italian, the soccer star. The man of the mane.

It makes sense - if you abide by a similarly skewed moral logic - for an 18-year old to possess such souvenirs. But I'm pretty sure I had plenty of chances to throw these away since then. And yet, I didn't.

Packrat at heart.
Packrat of the heart?

I invite all of you, gentle readers of this blog, to follow my late lead and toss away proofs of old crushes. It's alot easier to sneak digitally nowadays. But please empower yourselves. You don't need those stolen photographs anymore. Rid your iphoto of unrealized love.


casey elizabeth said...

I am going home at the end of the month with the aim of clearing out the childhood bedroom in mind. I have every note passed from middle school on in boxes, among other things I saved, thinking "When I am famous, it will be really easy to do a Before They Were Stars with this gold mine." I will share the goods, believe me.

I might even listen to one of our cassette tapes...oh The Sneakers.

Mic and Jazzy said...

I just found my journal from 6th grade, where one entry described how angry I was at my mother for punishing me. It was epic. Not quite as epic as Tory's hair, however.

Yancy said...

I totally struggle with throwing things away. Thank goodness I only have a limited magazine subscription and a wonderful wife who has no qualms whatsoever in tossing something into the trash.

Please continue documenting this experiment.

Lindsey said...

Um, amazing. Even if you do throw those away, I'll always have proof of your love in all the hearts and HOT you wrote about him all over my senior year yearbook.

As for me, I was forced to throw a lot away when my dad decided my house was no longer my home and shipped me everything I owned. I did still keep my box of Titanic crap, as well as many middle school and high school notes. Somehow, I found room for them in my tiny room taken over by Ramburg.

dn said...

Like Casey, I believe my biographer will need all such materials for his/her extensive research. I'll hold onto such photos until publication.

jenny said...

Ha. This is great. P.J. was my kinder-hottie. I cried one day because my brother made some joke about us and our pajamas. I don't blame him. Too easy.

I don't think I have any photo documentation of P.J though, so I will not have to go through this difficult process.

hanner said...

i have been doing this same purge during our snow days and it feels so good. instead of tory i have butch to get rid of. BUTCH.