Color Winners

Really guys? I expected much weirder of you.

HAha joking joking. Really. You were all so superbly superb.
The race was so close it took me a MONTH to determine the winners! (<---lie)

I got distracted by life. You know how it goes. The foibles and follies of L I F E. (<---half lie)

I got distracted by thinking about Babies. (<---truth)

To Trevor/Sherry who wooed me with 2 of the 5, I present this gift:A sweet little Iranian film about someone who never could have won this contest (he is blind). It's stunningly beautiful. A gem.

To the three runner ups,

but only because In Living Color: Season 1 was too expensive.

Please send your most current mailing address to my email inbox. To all the entrants, send me your addresses and I will send you a colorful custom portrait of you and a loved one. You specify the loved one.


dn said...

Powerpoint! This job is finally paying off.

Oh, a physical prize is not necessary. I play for the love of the game.

Alex and Katie said...

Foul. We need less artsy contests on this blog. You know, ones that the non-artsy community can enjoy and participate in.

Like your BFF from London. No, not Sherry and Trevor.

Our Little Online Corner said...

How did I not comment on this already? I would like a portrait of me and the late great Fluffs, please.