Experiment: BLT TIME

Bacon, Lettuce, Tomato
- Texturally complex
- Salty and Tangy
- Good on many breads
- Lettuce is an under-performer

Bearnaise, Lettuce, Tomato
- Memorable, for all the wrong reasons

Bacon, Lamb, Tomato
- Lamb adds a nice substance
- Bacon is still dominant flavor
- Tomato succeeds

Bacon, Lettuce, Tomato Juice
- Tomato Juice does not work the same as au jus
- Mushy

Bacon, Lettuce, Turkey Bacon
- Dare to be great


Kori said...

Ok, did you actually make these and try them?

Adrienne said...

I am a real scientist.

Keri said...

LOL! Bernaise! You nerd.