Blag? What's a blag?

I'm too busy to blog.

Fact That Makes The First Fact Irritating: 
I love to write.

8 months of no blogging? I really didn't realize I had been absent this long. But there is NO FREE TIME! It's been like this for years, but I feel like it's reached critical mass. For the last year I have had to "take care" of something every night. Social appointments become obligations, regardless of my relationship with the appointee. Work not only comes home with me, it sleeps with me. (In my DREAMS, gutter-brains! I DREAM about work.) Can I get a "sheesh?"

I'm pulling the plug on freelance for the next 6 months or so.
I'm putting an end to elaborate "happy birthday" video productions. Et al.
I'm going to spend more time with my even scarcer husband.
I'm going to say yes to watching the whole Woody Allen library. CAUSE I CAN.
I'm going to say yes to writing more over here, about things fundamental to me.
I'm going to say yes to blogging again.

I'm going to say "no" to everything else. Everything. I mean it. Just try and test me. No means no.
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