Alt Design Summit

While I guess I'm announcing things, let me add another to the list in case any of you are interested/going:

I'm speaking at Alt. this year.

I get to hang with the other speakers like Design Sponge (aka Grace Bonney), the co-founder of Pinterest (pinteresting. . . ), Design Mom, and of course my dear old friend Hunter Sebresos! And I'll get to meet lots of other impressive creative types. Or, let's put it this way, they get to meet ME.

I'll be speaking on how design, craft, fashion, and deli meat bloggers can use basic ad principles to differentiate and strengthen their brand. "We're all Mad Men" is what I'm calling it (even though I very much dislike the show of the same name).

Are any of you going? Craft Queen Alison Faulkner will be going. . . . in case that persuades you.

I'll be there the morning of Friday, Jan 20th, if you want to see how a pregnant woman tries to channel Don Draper. Or Peggy whatsherface.


Our Little Online Corner said...

You are officially the coolest person I know.

PS. I agree, whats all the hype about that show. I could barely get through a season. bor-ring.

EKD said...

you are, like, famous. and i hope you meet the cool chick from making it lovely. i like her.