Mother's Day No.1: Dreams

The things they don't tell you about are the dreams.

 #1. Milo is accidentally dropped at the top of an escalator. In horror, I watch him tumble down the sharp metal stair structure. Wake up in a panic and go check on him.

#2. Milo falls into a bucket of lead-based paint. (How did I know it was lead-based, which has not even been manufactured since 1978? I just did.) Wake up in a panic and go check on him.

#3. Milo is flying a tiny, Milo-sized biplane. He is wearing old-timely flight-gear. He crashes into a sand dune a la The English Patient. I run to the crash site. His tiny plane is in flames and he is covered in grease and smoke and debris. He tries to crawl out, but sadly for both of us, babies don't learn to crawl until 6 months. Developmental disaster! Wake up in a panic. Relate the story to Jared, and can't decide if I'm terrified of the dream or if I think the idea of Milo in a biplane is cute.


Our Little Online Corner said...

I have missed all your blogs.

Might I suggest a 9 month photo op of Milo in said biplane.

The dreams don't really go away, they might get weirder. The other night me and Isabelle were at Disneyland practicing a special evacuation drill and we had to help the large characters out of the park. Whatever.

emily and logan said...

It's so weird and disturbing how, as a mother, you start picturing the most horrible things happening to your precious baby. I still do it with River. Like, dreaming that I left him sleeping in a hot car. I woke up hyperventilating. Why do we do this??

EKD said...

I hate the bad dreams! I will say that, so far, I had more terrible ones while I was pregnant. And of course, there is the lying awake at night thinking of horrible things that could happen...

Sarah said...

I would always wake up convinced that Clara was in our bed, smothered in the covers. I would tear all the covers from the bed until I discovered the Clara-esque shape was my husband's leg.

Also, you are not allowed to blow over the addition of a family member without a few more details and a photo (or several). :)