Death by Pinterest

Sometimes I wonder "how will I know when I've 'made it?'" I think the obvious answer is when I have a sandwich named after me.  I mean, what else do you need as affirmation, clearly.

In the meantime, I was able to check this off my life goals list -  Write a Screenplay.

So, it's a parody of Pinterest parties, among other things, and features a cameo by my infant son. Presto!

I have strong feelings about all social media, so much so that I refer to these feelings sagely!/annoyingly/sincerely as my "digital politics." Yawn, right?

It's just that I've been to so many over-grammed, over-planned, craft explosion birthday parties for babies and young children. I'm wowed by the effort, but sometimes I wonder, who is this party really for? I respect the handicrafting and enthusiasm of the planners, but sometimes, can we admit creative people of the world, we can go a bit, yes, overboard? I'm right along there with overachievers of the world, but to quote myself quoting a character quoting myself "too much is too much."

Without going so far as to incite full on Mommywars, I'll leave it at this - it's fine if you want to forgo sleep and sanity and shell out as much on your kid's party as a mini-mitzvah. If it's something you really enjoy, please, by all means. I will come to your party and sincerely enjoy your real-life polar bear and marvel unironically at the handknit eskimo napkin rings while I drink artisinal cocoa from an ombre mason jar.

But doing something like that myself, well. It's not my cuppa tea.

I mean mason jar of tap water.

*        *         *         *          *        *

Also, check out all the other new episodes this season here, including this Footloose parody about moms embarrassing their progeny through dance.

(Being a staff writer on Season 2 of Pretty Darn Funny, especially being in a writer's room, has been more fun than most things. Sorry, copywriting. I've heard the siren call of screenwriting. And its call is even more seductive when I get to work with my husband. I'm proud of all the hard work of all the cast and crew, especially Jared and Jeff. And now, I'm ready to have my husband back.)


Elena Davis said...

Ah, your baby is famous! And adorable.

My mom was trying to show me some clips that your mom had sent her and mentioned that you had written them. That's so cool!

Now I'm off to brag about my token Mormon friend....

HRH said...

Loved it. And really loved the FNL/Tim Riggins reference. I connected with that.

Our Little Online Corner said...

Oh there are so many things to discuss.

Baby. Top Hat. Killing me softly.

Also, I confess to have hand ruffled millions of miles of crepe paper with my sewing machine for my kids' first. I sewed pennant banners. And made hats. I'm sooo the mom that makes 35 tiny banana bread loaves for favors just for the adults. And you're right, who is the party for? Most of the fun for me is having a creative project... sometimes that creative side gets ignored for too long and then it explodes in glitter and cricut cut outs and carefully decorated sugar cookies. GUILTY. AS. CHARGED. I'm okay with that.

Check back with me in a few years when I have less time/ energy and watch me whip out dollar store princess plates for my sons birthday. It will happen.

This was a hilarious video mostly you are spot on... so easy for me to say OMG I DO THAT. Well done Adrienne Aggen. Well done. Errrr Cardon. You are famous.

Our Little Online Corner said...

That should read "This was a hilarious video mostly BECAUSE you are spot on." Obviously college did me no good.

Danielle Karr said...

This season was so fantastic. I loved all the different episodes, and I gotta say the Pinterest one was especially funny to me because Josh and I have been spending a bit of time on there to plan the perfect Halloween party lol. You're hilarious! :)