experimental art(s)

2006: The Awards

first place: bilgere's haywire
honorable mentions: paper cathedrals, letters to a young poet, meditations in an emergency
let-down: the fact that i've been trying to read karenina for like four months and am only approx. 50 pages in

first place: the three burials of melquiades estrada
honorable mentions: jesus camp, inconvenient truth, thank you for smoking, you can count on me, eat drink man woman
let-downs: apocolypto, little miss sunshine

first place: the books "lost and safe"
honorable mentions: psapp "the only thing i ever wanted," jóhann jóhansson "englabörn," (band of) annuals "repondez," fleetwood mac "rumours"
let-downs: sufjan stevens, arctic monkeys "whatever people say i am, that's what i'm not," gnarls barkley "st. elsewhere"

first place: chicken nugget
honorable mentions: palace cafe, tacomania veggie burrito, cappuccino ritter sport
let-downs: pita pit falafel, the toast and raw egg that were thrown on me mid-shower

first place: kim jong il
honorable mentions: cheney, rumsfeld, rumpelstiltzkin
let-down: swedish prime minister fredrik reinfeldt

first place: hunter
honorable mentions: ugly club, yancy, christina, jared, the girls of 357 n
let-downs: strasberg, semen boy

first place: black
honorable mentions: green, brown, grey
let-down: red

what i have learned:
1) you don't have much in the way of discretionary income for artistic pursuits when working for nine cents an hour.
2) lots about FGM.


Becca said...

i don't know about that whole iraq thing, but i am grateful for your updates. you now make me want to be a better person and make up some cool, new ways to show your 2006 lists.

SaintJamesInfirmary said...
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Yancy said...

i'm glad that I made it to the 2006 awards.

casey elizabeth said...

i find the nugget of chicken to be quite a let down, personally.