experiment: low-key christmas

which you really wouldn't guess seeing as how while i'm typing this, my mom is pulling two cheesecakes out of the ovens, adding to the apparently inadequate dessert fare we already have: pumpkin cake, oatmeal cookie dough (does anyone actually like cookies better than dough?) toffee, and about 10 half gallons of ice cream, none of which are coffee flavored. but you see, this is post-christmas and is surprisingly high-key and high-production in light of the christmas trio of me, mom, and dad. i don't think we've ever had a christmas with less than 6 people, so it was a pretty quiet house. but super relaxing after a really weird and semi-stressful run toward graduation. as i'm getting older, i really don't care about presents either, so it was low-key in that respect as well. but i think that although the quantity of gifts (received and given) has decreased, the quality is pretty great (my demand curve is inelastic!):

adrienne surprised me with a subscription to esopus.

the best illuminating device i can think of with which to decorate my new apartment. unless lindsey and cichelli will let me get the leg lamp from a christmas story. which now that i think about it is super sexist. so it will probably be a male leg, maybe michael owen's.

finally. a good way to tell the world how much i love math.


new running shoes! icy streets rendering them currently obsolete!

the first read of the new year.

where will the crispin glover plane visit this week? no one knows, because he is one discreet bastard.

what i have learned: contrary to what i've heard, christmas doesn't get less fun as you get older. it becomes more fun and a lot of more interesting. that, and i love having an entire floor to myself.


casey elizabeth said...

what a nice array of gifts...people just know you better, clearly. are you still swamped with family? wanna come up tonight?