experiment: hospitality

in the past, i've felt a disastrous hostess. i don't do well at planning things ahead of time and manage what time i do have poorly. usually i'm too busy dancing or walking in on people making out to make the rounds to make sure everyone is enjoying themselves. and i also don't know how good i am at anticipating needs. My old manager used to tell me, "it isn't enough to just bring what people ask you, you have to bring them what they don't even realize they need." so what- give people the "don't stop me now" before they realize they have a freddie mercury itch that needs to be scratched? well i didn't, lindsey did. ah me. but in spite of it all, including a slight baking gaffe, Burning Down the House(warming) Party was on most accounts a thunderous success! thank you all for being there, loving talking heads, and bringing us glasses with cartoon udders!

it would be nice if everyone could be in the same room at once.

spencer, probably pitching a noxema :30 to the writer/director of the Vietnomedy

holy halle berry, look at all this symmetry, will you! nick and rgs are starting to look like the same person to me in different color schemes. mirror images, who like to relate adventures to brunette couples at the SAME TIME.

preparing for his danceoff, dave tipples.

he can probably explain this better than i can.

danciest female: lindsey
danciest male: yancy/ manatee
most lyrically impressive: rachel. i don't know her last name but she knew evvery word to every jay z song ever invented.

what i have learned:
1) turns out i'm not much of a hostess because i don't really care about most things. as long as we've got good people, good snacks, and a little bit of alcohol in lindsey, everyone will have an entertaining time. [note: i am not posting the video of the futuresexx/lovesounds danceoff because i have been threatened.]

2) hickory pistachios will ruin pistachio apricot oatmeal cookies. screw you, fairway.

3) where are corinne and casey when you need them?


rachel said...

i do what i can. you throw a mean danceoff.

casey elizabeth said...

wah!! casey will be there soon my dear, soon!

when do you return to kansas?