experiment: sequins

“seriously, sequins? haha who wears sequins anymore?”
“maybe i’ll just try it on for fun. as a joke, yeah. . . no harm in that surely, heh heh
“wait, that one is better, check out that black to silver gradient!”
“maybe I can wear sequins."
"now that i think of it, even jcrew has sequiny tops."
“okay maybe just for the holidays. you’re allowed to sparkle on new years, yeah?”
“i’ll just um, sneak it in between these two shirts and try it on.”
hmmm. emmmm. hmm. hahahaha.”

what i have learned:


dn said...

That's so disappointing! You would have been the prettiest flag girl in the whole marching band.

EKD said...

Oh, Adrienne, this is too funny!

lindsey said...

i'm pro sequin, so i think you judged too quickly.