experimental art(s) 2007

Consumer Reports: Faves and Raves and Fuzzy pants guh-lore

The danger in these lists is A) that my long term (meaning a year) memory eludes me, so that instead being of a fully true annual representation of what moved me and what I moved, I fear it becomes relegated to whatever I saw and did in Q4. And B) you sound like an accidental braggart. Or in some cases a very obviously intentional braggart. Guess which kind I am! You got it, totally intentional! Maybe as you read this entry I typed using my goldplated iPhone with a Zac Posen designed skin while listening to that Panda Bear covering Husker Du covering the Wiggles Japanese import on my portable walkman/turntable/vhs/cash register COMBO (charcoal grey) I bought off a rockabilly bum outside St. Marks Books while eating falafel with vegan mayonnaise hanging out with the Oldsen twins and Jemaine and Bret and Barack, you can call me on my totally unironically ironic pretense. Or else I’ll just quit whistling dixie and tell you what I liked in 2007.


FIRST: Under the Net
RUNNER UP: The Power and the Glory, Flying Leap, Lunch Poems, Walking on Water, The Rise of the Creative Class, Eve and the Choice Made in Eden
LET DOWNS: The Writing Life, The Alchemist, Actual Air


“I’m getting too old for this.” – Christina, at the Klaxons

FIRST: The Books - Bowery Ballroom (LDS prophet montage anyone?)
RUNNERS UP: Will Scheff -Sound FX, Sam Prekop - Sound FX, NY Phil -Shostakovich and Sibelius
LET DOWNS: Bonde do Role and Klaxons -Studio B, Kings of Leon -Apple Soho


FIRST: Kate Bush- Hounds of Love
RUNNERS UP: Efterklang-One Sided LP, Phosphorescent- Pride, Julie Doiron/Okkervil same name, Final Fantasy- He Poos Clouds, Okkervil River—Stage Names, Empress-The Sounds They Made, Jealous Girlfriends, Andrew Bird- Armchair Apocrypha
LET DOWN: how is it that I still don’t have in rainbows yet. Tsk on me.


“It got 93 percent on rotten tomatoes, I swear!” – Jared, post “Starting Out in the Evening,” a mawkish and poorly acted affair – oh wait--you have something to say, Naked Frank Langella? Guys, Naked Frank Langella has something to say! You don’t know how you got roped into this? You don’t know how you agreed to play opposite that one girl from Can’t Hardly Wait, what was her name- Denise Fleming? Well, you and me both Frank.

FIRST: The Lives of Others
RUNNER UP: 2 Days in Paris, No Country for Old Men, Away From Her, Live in Maid, Into the Wild, Fitzcarraldo
LET DOWNS: Autism! The Musical, 12:08 East of Bucharest, I’m Not There, Darjeeling Limited (had more of a response to the 12 minutes of Hotel Chevalier than to all of Darjeeling), Lars and Real Girl, Year of the Dog, Starting Out in the Evening,
WORST FILM OF 2007 AND PROBABLY OF ALL TIME: Everybody Wants to be Italian
BEST TITLE: I Want Someone to Eat Cheese With


BEST: Lion is King
RUNNERS UP: my dad falling asleep in Lion King, Frost/Nixon, Moonlight for the Misbegotten
LET DOWNS: Company, Mayhem Poets at Bowery Poetry Club






FIRST: Cheese! Glorious Cheese! Hot sausage and mustard!
RUNNERS UP: old fashioned w roasted peppers (Adrienne’s Pizzabar), gingerbread french toast (Kitchenette Uptown), alison’s pumpkin cheesecake (my place), pad kee mao (Chili Thai), west side story (Gandolfos Provo), biscuity biscuits (Rack n Soul), mushroom burger (Pop Burger)
LET DOWNS: the German food in New York City. Where is the good German food! And most Manhattan cupcakes! OVER-RATED.


FIRST: natural ice
RUNNERS UP: burts bees. I guess.
LET DOWN: why does no one sell natural ice anymore!!! Why does my boyfriend throw my LAST REMAINING TUBE out the window!!


FIRST: grey. with an e. not with an a.
RUNNERS UP: bone, purple, neon green, prism


FIRST: avoiding decision making
RUNNERS UP: navigating, puns, spooning, gym attendance, forgiving, opening up, eating entire pizzas in one sitting, arguing, creating the illusion of industry
LET DOWN: violin. really rusty.


FIRST: falling in love with the most brilliant, witty and talented man I’ve ever met.
RUNNERS UP: moving to NYC to live with my best friends, IFC!, Film Forum!, reading on a more regular basis, strengthening my testimony, getting some good story ideas on paper
LET DOWNS: long distance, mice in the house, didn’t write enough, midtown

what i have learned:
new york is good. i'm good. it's getting better all the time (duh da da duh da)


dn said...

You once told me that when you read my writing, you can easily envision me speaking the text.

I can't claim the same for you. I read this post and I thought, "This must be what the inside of her brain looks like."

Anyway, I used to use Natural Ice in the past, but I've moved on to generic HyVee brand lip balm. You can't buy that in NYC either, so I guess you are screwed. If you want a care package, we could work something out.

xaque said...

Hey! I like red...

good post. I laughed, I cried, and I learned all about the writer's strike, food, and the big city.


Kenny said...

i think i owe you half a child for posting the hipster olympics. i can't believe i'd never seen that piece of genius. "oh, they're back at the mirror!"

happy 2008. can you believe i just finished some powerpoints for an internal EA group who are pitching a game for a new market segment? talk about no research needed.

Emily K & Jacob A said...

Thanks for the gauche spelling. Funny how a word meaning low-class is spelled like that. And yes, you can totally do sequins. It's every woman's right, but you do pull it off especially well.

Alison said...

and in shallower news... Holy crap you are one skinny slut! Still a better writer than me, and far more culturally advanced than I could ever pretend to be in slc. This was the year of YOU. Come visit your man the same time I'm celebrating my marriage in Utah. April 12. Kisses!

emily and logan said...

it may be time to post a new entry, but i could be wrong...

EKD said...

it's not fare to torture your loyal fans with a blog if you don't post more than a few times a year. come on now.

EKD said...

i totally spelled fair wrong. stupid fingers.