experiment: consumer reporting

whoa. I have just been informed of something kind of shocking and hilarious, thanks to my epidemiologist friend Dan, who says

"I question the wisdom of naming a cafe after an abortion-inducing poison."

It's true. Yikes. Poor choice, friends.


pennyroyal café.

I have no intent to slander, but you will not survive unless your service gets 100% better. meaning, don’t make out with and fondle fellow employees during serving hours, and don’t let patrons stand awkwardly in the front of the restaurant, unsure of what do to or whom to speak to.

also, figure out how to use the generous space you’ve rented. it looks hollow.

on a positive note, your apple and brie 'wich was good.

with faith and good will,


what I have learned:

I could manage a restaurant rather well, but it’s something that would give me little long term satisfaction.

I am very grateful to be long gone from the food service industry.

Style without substance is ultimately useless.


dn said...

I question the wisdom of naming a cafe after an abortion-inducing poison.

dn said...

You weren't aware? Glad I could shed light on it for you. I only knew about it because of "Pennyroyal Tea", the Nirvana song.

Kathryn the Great said...

Um yes! I had a similar dining exprience with this cafe only fondling was accompanied by video game playing in the corner. My meal was good but the owner wouldn't know because she never came back to ask if I enjoyed it. Along with that, one bathroom was out of order. So I went into the other and found no soap. I said, "There is no soap in this bathroom." She said, "Their is some in the other one." So...pee, open door, walk through restaurant (don't touch anything), open another door, wash hands...hmmm! Great mural though!