experiment: my-so-called-life-at-25

what i have learned:

1) i had terrible taste in (fictitious) men in 1994!

why i alone, let alone a storm of pubescent girls chose to drool over JORDAN "I'm illiterate" CATALANO instead of sweet, brainy, fro-boy next door BRIAN KRAKOW is unfathomable. unacceptable.

when watching it at 12, as a deluded little sprite, why would I pay any attention to Brian when I could swoon over the much more "attractive" Jared Leto? No brainer. Of course. The object of my affection was "mysterious" and "moody" and "played mediocre collective soul rip offs on his acoustic guitar." Meanwhile, the CLEARLY inferior Brian K was "annoying" and "dorky" and worst of all, "blond." If anything, his character soley existed to contrast just how much of a creamboat Jordan was.

But I watch these episodes now and am angered and disappointed with my 12 year old self. C'mon AA! You should have known better! And the real tragedy in all this is that for the most part, I'm sad to admit, I chose real life Jared Leto douches over Brian Krakows until the end of high school. Yes, football players and guys who drove Camaros and bleached their "tips." How was I so brainwashed by that blue eyed daemon? Most puzzlingly, how could I have justified a parasocial relationship with someone who COULDN'T READ?

Oh the folly of youth. Please forgive me, Brian Krakows of Shawnee Mission West.

2) remember Bush? Sixteen Stone? love it. love it like a little baby.


becca said...

and the love letters brian wrote (aka jordan wrote) were dreamy.

dn said...

Sixteen Stone definitely deserves to be dusted off once a year, even if you have to skip "Comedown" because you've heard it a billion times.

You just moved up a peg. In my peg board.

"dingin" is my word verfication. As in, "DAMN, Adrienne is DINGIN tonight!"

casey elizabeth said...

ha ha...eric ritzman. was he illiterate? and how grossed out am i by the word "creamboat?"

answer: very

"nogel" is the word for today, as in "the first nogel" or use in contrast to "creamboat"

Greg said...

Jeez. I forgot all about "Sixsteen Stone."

Is "creamboat" a popular phrase these days, or am I going to get some funny looks when I use that word at work tomorrow?

emily and logan said...

ha! i felt the same way re-watching those episodes. but i would still never have a thing for brian krakow. it would have to be someone in between.