experiment: shilling

Adrienne here, slicing the ham n cheese extra thick. Now listen up, you.

I joke that Jared is cheating on me with one of his latest projects, Jer3miah, but the truth is it's making me seriously reconsider an open relationship. It's that cool. Here's the trailer.

The Book of Jer3miah - Trailer from The Book of Jer3miah on Vimeo.

It's a webseries he and his students are creating that also has interactive elements. Sort of a mystery/conspiracy/thriller show in the vein of Lost or Da Vinci Code.

You can watch short webisodes online. And then there’s also an alternate reality aspect to it, like an online, interactive scavenger hunt. And real-life clue hunting in Utah. The characters all have their own facebook pages and part of the story takes place online and other mobile platforms. And people who search for clues can impact the story. Aka "user generated collaborative fiction," not to the layman. Casey Thornburgh of the Hyde Park Uglies called it "well done . . .entertaining . . . like Lost meets Eli Stone meets LDS meets Choose Your Own Adventure!" And what has she been ever wrong about? Besides John McGuire.

Go. Watch. Enjoy. Feel lucky that your significant other has time to see you.

And in the world of things with much lower production value . . .
I saw an ad for an "Ultimate PB&J" contest. Who better to enter a contest about peanut butter? Also, I already had a great, true family story, so I took a few hours and filmed it. If I get enough votes, I'll win a trip to the old country.

Watch. Then please go here and rate. Rate high, young man, rate high. Momma needs a new pair of matchstick jeans.

what I have learned:

I will never be famous. I despise self-promotion. It feels as worse and as desperate as asking people for money or kisses. How is it that I work in advertising?

And who wants fame anyway? Haven't you seen The Wrestler?


casey elizabeth said...

touche, aggen, touche.

are you doing anything special tonight for the last late night with conan obrien?