Emmys 2012: Best Dressed?

STELLA!  Stella McCartney, Beatle-kund, can you be any cooler. 
Patricia Wettig, I mean Edie Falco,  you look wundabar in this.

Juliane Moore. You've sort of turned into a parody of yourself, but you do know how to clean up. Modesty suits you. Yellow for gingers!

Hey brunette girl! I have no idea who you are because the only TV shows I watch are Breaking Bad and thirtysomething, but your dress is a perfect amount of couture and I like it mucho mucho.

And let's not forget about the behind-the-scenes people here! The little people, who yes, are bigger than the big people, but you get the idea.

And here we have the uber-talented re-recording mixer Stan Freckets. You can't go wrong with a classic, my friend. A slimming black. A bold declarative statement.  Yes, you are a Jedi Master in this lovely ensemble. And then he went one step further towards fashion town with his pink hospital bracelet. Stan - your kidney stones didn't get the better of you. And fashion didn't either. Congrats.

Dave Smoot is killing it in this 1998 Old Navy striped polo. The heather-gray. The blue WWJD bracelet. And what a wonderful accessory in that  Eastpack backpack. He really nails the junior-high band teacher look. Definitely the best-dressed production-sound mixer the Emmys have ever seen. And he is really giving Louie CK a run for his money.

Foley artist Frank Hotdog stuns (STUNS!) in this black beanie and hockey-jersey combo. He gives new definition to casual cool. Frank - this is your night. This might may even surpass the night Queen Latifah mistook you for Dave Coulier and posed with you in front of the Kodak Theatre.

So, which of these fashionistas dazzled you the most?


Lindsey said...

That pretty brunette is this platinum blonde from Game of Thrones!