High School Revisited: The Ugly Club

Waaay before there were Pacey, Joey, Jack, Andy, Jen and Dawson, there were the Uglies.

My friend Corinne and I invented The Ugly Club during some boring class in 7th grade. We made membership cards emblazoned with "UGLY." Members 000000000001 and 000000000002. For some reason, our young self-deprecation stuck. Though we weren't after exclusivity, we gradually added 3 more members, and that seemed to round things out. The Ugly Club was born.

These girls made high school life not only tolerable, but remarkable. And now, even after high school has long ended, and we moved to NYC, Nashville, Chicago, Kansas City and Provo, I still need them. They were smart and weird girls then and now they're the ambitious, talented, and hilarious women who still love dance parties, karaoke, snob food, book clubs, and very very inappropriate jokes. The TV dramedy I will someday write will be about them.

We did it, you guys. We lasted longer than the Spice Girls.

Here's to being Ugly.






Lindsey said...

Oh God. Soooo ugly! I love it. I shared on Facebook for the world to see! Embrace the UGLY!!!

Elena Davis said...

pregnant you! btw, i was always very jealous of your ugly club. okay, am. i am very jealous of your ugly club.

Corinne said...

Aw, I love this. Also, I think from 2008 on I'm really embracing the ugly.

Becca said...

Haha. Having friends you've known forever is really great. I'm glad I've met these girls.