Ten Times Ten

The boy is ten months old. Question Mark!
The mom is in love. Double Exclamation Mark!

There's that axiom that you don't know what it will feel like to love someone so much. That's true. You could try though. For me it's like this. Imagine swimming in a newly liquid sky through puffy cartoon clouds and that your arms stretch so far you can pull the entire world into your chest and hug it tight toward you, and then you craugh, which is a word I just made up that combines a deep belly laugh stirred up with a long, cleansing cry. Now cover that in cheese, not nacho cheese in a can type crap, but real good, real sharp cheese that's so pricey you can only afford to buy a few ounces at a time. Mix in all the chemical electric neurological reactions you will ever feel, from endorphins, seratonin, dopamine. This feels like the emotional analogue to the most designer drug. I'm sure Freud would have a field day here. But Freud is a schmohawk. And he never met this baby.

The intense love thing makes sense though. The Mormon faith teaches that the way to really love someone with pure, enduring, Christlike love is to serve them. Love=service. By that mark it becomes clear. I'm in the service of this little guy pretty much all day, every day, every week, etc. It came more natural to me that I would have guessed.

He is the most gentle, happy, intuitive, mild-mannered baby and little observer of life.  Sometimes he's so observant and focused I think he's an undercover baby journalist, taking notes on how often I clean his highchair and the kitchen in general, which is not. Muckracking all the day long. My baby Upton Sinclair.

Speaking of which, in addition to his normal developments, I am pleased to announce he is also reading The Jungle with perfect diction. With a head so big, I'd be disappointed with any lesser performance.


Lindsey said...

Officially the BEST baby in the world. Look at that smile! It's glorious in the most Animal, Muppety way. I love you Milo! And I love your mom! And I love the love you described here.


casey elizabeth said...

Oh, he melts my heart! I love your love for him! I hope to be as amazing a mommy as you are! Milo!!! I love you! AA!!! I love you!!!!!!

Becca said...

This is the best post. It makes me a little less scared to have my own kid someday.

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness. He is so cute! I just stumbled on your blog today and fell in love with the content, the writing style, and your sincerity. Keep writing!

Danielle Karr said...

He's seriously so adorable. And your description of love and service is fantastic. Love this post!