Jared is in production! This is good, but I don't see him as much as I'd like to once pre-pro starts. However, he does love me enough to wine and dine me, minus the wine. We went to Sundance Foundry Grill to celebrate our love. For food. Milo was mesmerized by the fire, and the yuppies.

Milo contemplating the subtleties of the amuse-bouche. And . . . he likes it!

Apres-lunch, we walked around bumping into rich skiers, looking at pictures of celebrities before they were famous, and admiring matte gold jewelry I can't afford.

Jared is STILL doing production work, Milo is sleeping in some weird position, leaving me to my devices. SOO I just made my gift to you, dear friend/acquaintance/parole officer -- a VALENTUNE!

Here's a playlist just for you, cause we like, like each other and stuff.


Cuddle up with your spouse, significant other, or Nora Ephron and enjoy yourself. But not too much. This is a Thursday night after all.


iyouandme said...

Milo is so big and your hair has grown so much! Cute family!

Our Little Online Corner said...

I spy fancy baby shoes. Yesssssss. He is rocking them.

Also Lincoln needs that sweater. Too bad it is 80 degrees here.

Elena Davis said...

So much cuteness in this post!