High School Revisited: Musica, pt. III

I remember being 12 and on a schoolbus headed to the Dallas Temple for my first temple trip and having this CD in my Discman and playing it over and over and over again rather than socializing. This was around the age I started to actually get lost in music. I know that's a figure of speech, but I don't mean it figuratively. I think I listened to August and Everything after more than any other album in middle school probably, except for all The Beatles stuff. Man I loved that record.

But every man I have ever dated has HATED Counting Crows. Guys seem to dislike them as much as they hate the movie Shopgirl.

Sometimes when I'm driving alone, I still like to jam this in the CD player and sing along at the top of my lungs to every 8-minute long song.



Corinne said...

I mean, duh. Best album ever. I've been rocking "Rain King" the last two karaoke outings.