High School Revisited: Musica, pt. V

MEMORY: I am the only person I know who likes Kate Bush. I got really into her about junior year. Yes, she writes songs about classic literature and is complete dork, but what can I say, I found her dorkiness inspiring at that age. And nowadays it's fabulous for karaoke.

MUSIC: (I have dreams of dancing to a shot by shot remake of this video. . . so fun)


lineswine said...

Oh, you're not the only one to love her albums, I do too, especially her earlier ones.
The later ones (Hounds of love etc.) tended to be a tad "self-indulgent", but The Kick Inside, Lionheart, Never For Ever - absolutely cracking stuff.

Amanda Seria Cook said...

Oh my gosh! I could not stop laughing at this. First, because it is silly. Second, because I pictured you as a 16-year-old replaying this video to get the dance moves down. By far the best moment: the Harry Potter-esque apparating for overly long wave goodbye at the end. Also, in the best sense of this video, Kate Bush's dance moves have the flavor of Lindsey Stirling without the violin. The backbend is what sold me on this idea.