High School Revisited: Wash Your Hair Once, Every Two Weeks

I am so excited to share the abundance of high-school hair photos I have received from you all in the last few weeks! There are so many embarrassing/good ones, it will be hard to narrow them down. I am now just waiting on a few gems before I post.

In the meantime, I have a word or two to say about Dawson's Creek hair.

1. Mini butterfly clips
2. Mini ponies
3. Mini bangs
4. Straight cut hair
5. Bowl Cut v. 2
6. "Frosted tips"
7. Gail's fried-out coif
8. Large barrel curling-iron-bangs
9. Dawson's haircut, Season 1
10. Dawson's haircut, Season 2
11. Dawson's haircut, Season 3
12. Dawson's haircut, Season 4

Man, there was some BAD hair in the early 2000s, especially in Seasons 1-2 of D. Creek and in any scene with Chad Michael Murray.

Who am I to judge, except that I have eyes?

Or rather, ahem, who am I NOT to judge?

I may not have gotten voted Most Humorous or Most Likely to Be a Crazy Cat Lady, but my hair will live in infamy in the pages of the 2002 SM West yearbook.

And that Josh Lutz guy? He's looking like he could walk onto the set of Season 5, no problem.

(If you googled yourself and found your name on here, hi Josh Lutz! Remember me! Your fellow hair hottie! Remember how we used to sneak into pools late at night? Remember when you were dating my best friend? Remember the Alamo?)


Lindsey said...

I am SO glad the best hair photo made it on here! I may or may not send this to Josh Lutz on Facebook...

Becca said...

Hahaha. I really, really, really love your blog.